Professional Development 

We want to help you succeed and be the best that you can be!

At Imagine Planning, LLC, we offer affordable, high-quality workshops in the areas of protocol, etiquette, wedding planning and wait staff training.  Our experienced team has over 30 years experience in the hospitality industry,  national and international protocol and wedding planning.  We give you the knowledge and the tools to succeed.


Protocol, cultural knowledge and diplomacy stand in the front line of this changing  world. Let us guide you through all the details and expectations of this exciting and face-paced career!.

  • Imagine Planning Protocol Success Course – In this three day collaborative course, we will cover the foundation and the principals of government protocol. Our seasoned instructors will cover protocol expectations and standards, precedence, seating, flags, ceremonies and events, gifts, and an introduction to protocol funding. We will arm you with the tools for PROTOCOL SUCCESS! Cost is $650 per student (10% discount is applied for registration of two or more)


Put your best foot forward my learning modern etiquette and mannerism acceptable in most business and social settings.  This event will be sure to give you the confidence to give a lasting impression.

  • Imagine Planning Etiquette Course –  This two day course is perfect for young adults (16 years and older)  who are learning how to conduct themselves outside of school (and the home) and prepare for the social and corporate world.  Our etiquette course will cover social graces, cultural sensitivities, dining, social-media protocol, interview expectations and the art of conversation. We will have an interactive session and end the course with a fun and memorable review.  Cost is $260 per student (10% military discount)

Wedding Planning 

Learn from a professional wedding planner and save money!  We will guide you and help you develop a plan to design your perfect day!

  • Elated Weddings Do-It-Yourself  Wedding Planning Seminar-  This full-day event will teach you everything about planning a wedding.  We will go over our wedding planning secrets to include:  planning checklists, venue selections,  guest lists, what to look for in a vendor (and the questions you should ask), negotiation, budget, decorating, cost-saving alternatives, planning tools and so much more.  Every student will be provided with a binder of wedding planning material–perfect for planning your perfect day! Cost is $215 per student (10% military discount)

Wait Staff Training

Enhance your service and customer experience through our specialized wait staff training.

  • Imagine Planning Wait Staff Training-  This full-day event is available for group (restaurant) and individual training. Our professional waiters will go over the fundamentals of appearance, etiquette, fine dining and great service.  Cost is $250 per student (10% discount is applied for registration of two or more)

All our courses are located in beautiful San Antonio, Texas! Our classes are filling up fast–see our calendar below to see what we have scheduled.